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The combustion of pulverised coal in the furnace of a coal-fired power station boiler results in the production of a number of solid by-products, more accurately classified as CCP's (coal combustion products). This terminology reflects a more positive view and is in keeping with the concept of industrial ecology, being an approach that seeks to use one industry's by-product output as another industry's raw material inputs.

While the principal output from coal combustion is energy, significant quantities of by-products in the form of CCP's are also produced. In life cycle terms, the opportunities to exploit the low energy embodied in CCP's such as fly ash, furnace bottom ash, boiler slags and cenospheres are extensive.

Australian producers and marketers of power station ash formed the Ash Development Association of Australia (ADAA) with the objective of investigating and developing market opportunities for the use of these materials in various industry applications such as construction, agriculture and manufacturing.

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Roads and Maritime Services Pavements Conference 2017 - Call for Presentation Topics


Roads and Maritime Services Pavement’s Unit is pleased to announce that the call for presentation topics is now open for this year’s pavements conference.  All Roads and Maritime staff and members of the pavements community are invited to submit a proposal to present at this year’s pavements conference to be held at the Power House Museum on 23 November.

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2018 Moscow Coal Ash Conference


In April 2018 the 6th International Conference – “Coal Ash Removal, Transport, Processing & Disposal” will be held in Moscow, Russia. The 2 day event will be hosted by the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI).

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WWCCPN - The Global Operating Environment


At the World of Coal Ash 2017 Conference in the United States, CEO Craig Heidrich presented the following report to a plenary of +1,100. View the World Wide Coal Combustion Products Network PDF now.

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Coal Ash Asia 2017


This year the Asian Coal Ash Association will hold the Coal Ash Asia 2017 (CAA) Conference from the 21-24 July Baotou, Inner Mongolia. CAA2017 features 3 days of conference, seminars, exhibition and business matching.

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